TCM at the Olympics!

Wang Qun, a swimmer on the Chinese Olympic team, is using cupping to help her recover, train, and go for gold!

These round bruises are the result of toxins and stagnant blood getting moved up and out of Wang Qun's body. Cupping is a quick, effective modality to enhance your vitality and improve the circulation of qi and blood.

We at the Acupuncture and NAET Clinic also offer cupping for neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, and even tricky conditions like TMJ and certain digestive disorders! Cupping’s lifting action brings toxins to the surface and after treatment, most people feel looser, more relaxed, and have an immediate difference in their pain and mobility. One happy side effect is that people usually sleep like rocks the night after their treatment.

You can read more about cupping on the Acupuncture and NAET website, here!

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The Acupuncture and NAET Clinic in Columbus, Ohio strives to help you achieve your optimum health through a variety of treatment modalities such as acupuncture, NAET, cupping, and medical Qi Gong. These time-tested treatments have been proven through years of empirical research to be greatly effective for chronic and acute pain, allergies, insomnia, and a wide host of other ailments that can afflict us on an everyday basis.

Acupuncture and NAET are particularly effective, not just for the short-term but also in the long run, as NAET dispels allergies that routinely weaken the immune system and acupuncture keeps the body in its best state of balance and harmony.

We offer two treatment packages for Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss.

UPDATE: A fantastic new study pins down the molecular effects of acupuncture on the body!