Easing Cancer Treatment Side-Effects

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As Chinese medicine becomes more available to the general public, more people suffering with cancer are utilizing the revitalizing effects of acupuncture and medical Qi Gong along with their Western medicine treatment. Often, chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy will cause damage to diseased AND healthy tissues, and weaken the immune system.

In Chinese medicine, the optimum functioning of Spleen/Stomach Qi is very important, but it is often damaged by chemotherapy and the toxins produced by cancer cells. The damage to the lining of the stomach and intestines leads to symptoms of nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and a burning sensation. Supplementing the Yin is also very important for many patients receiving conventional cancer treatment. The fire and toxins created by both radiation and most chemotherapeutic drugs wastes the Yin, leading to dry mouth, thirty, mouth sores, constipation, and scanty, dark urination. The pulse may be rapid and thready, the tongue red, dry, and cracked. Aggressive treatment over time can often disturb the Kidney/Heart Shao Yin aspect, leading to insomnia, restlessness, disorientation, sterility, lower back pain, and palpitations. Many cancer patients also suffer from Liver QI depression with Liver and Kidney Yin deficiency.

Chinese adjunctive cancer therapy supports the Spleen/Stomach qi and its function of digestion and assimilation. Acupuncture treatments and medical Qi Gong are ideal for this purpose. It is important to support the Zheng/Correct Qi, which can be weakened by chemotherapy, radiation therapy, stress, environmental toxins, and dietary and lifestyle indiscretion.

In Chinese cancer hospitals, dosages of chemotherapeutic drugs tend to be lower than in Western countries. It makes clinical sense to use the least toxic dose possible of anti-cancer drug, radiation, or sugery concurrently with acupuncture and medical Qi Gong in order to protect the body and the Zheng/Correct Qi from damage.

In conclusion, the combined use of Chinese medicine with Western oncological treatment is the therapy of choice for many cancer patients. Chinese medicine has proven its effectiveness in treating the side-effects of harsh cancer treatment. In addition, it also strengthens the body’s weakened immune system by tonifying the deficiency syndromes and therefore, making the effects of cancer therapy easier to bear.

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